• CX50 FWE (Factory Works Edition) 2017
  • CX50 FWE (Factory Works Edition) 2017
  • CX50 FWE (Factory Works Edition) 2017
  • CX50 FWE (Factory Works Edition) 2017
  • CX50 FWE (Factory Works Edition) 2017
  • CX50 FWE (Factory Works Edition) 2017
  • CX50 FWE (Factory Works Edition) 2017
  • CX50 FWE (Factory Works Edition) 2017
  • CX50 FWE (Factory Works Edition) 2017
  • CX50 FWE (Factory Works Edition) 2017
  • CX50 FWE (Factory Works Edition) 2017
  • CX50 FWE (Factory Works Edition) 2017


CX50 FWE (Factory Works Edition) 2017




2017 Cobra CX50 FWE Highlights  

Cobra set the mini motocross world on its ear last March with its introduction of the Factory Works Edition King 50. The FWE amassed countless holeshots and overall wins at the top races in the U.S including Daytona, Freestone, Loretta Lynn’s Regional Qualifiers, and Mammoth. The scoreboard is clear, if you want to be a winner at the world’s biggest events, make sure you’re riding a Cobra FWE.

  • NEW! ‘War Head’ Cylinder – That’s right…The FWE is equipped with a uniquely crafted cylinder for 2017. Not only does its casting exhibit porting unique to this engine, but the exhaust port is precision CNC machined for that extra little bit of boost.
  • NEW! Coated Exhaust Pipe – Improved heat management for more consistent power delivery. Looks awesome too!
  • NEW! Lightweight Wheels – Cobra has taken its lightweight and maintenance-free wheels to the next level. Lighter wheels mean less rotating and un-sprung mass which translates into improved acceleration, handling, and flight control.
  • NEW! Top Chain Guide – Improved chain guidance and longer wearing design.
  • NEW! Bel-Ray Factory Fill – Cobra and Bel-Ray, two proud American companies with a long history in motocross, are teaming up this model year to ensure that each Cobra model comes from the factory with the finest in lubricants and chemicals. This includes everything from wheel bearing grease, to brake fluid, to suspension fluid, to the oil on the air filter.
  • Micro Handle Bars – Cobra debuted Pro-Taper’s innovative Micro Handlebars on the 2016 FWE this year, and for 2017 they will be installed across the entire 50cc lineup. These bars will revolutionize the way that young riders control their motorcycles by offering a reduced diameter grip area that inspires confidence and reduced fatigue.
  • 5Gx Freewheeling Clutch – Precision engagement, durable, freewheels for increased corner speed and easier starting.
  • Revolutionary MXT “Smart Leg” Front Fork – Cobra’s exclusive 32mm USD CARD fork is designed to be the finest fork in minicycle racing! The Smart architecture simultaneously provides supple action over small bumps, and progressive control through the biggest of hits…A feature especially important for minicycles that run on tracks torn up by bikes twice their size! This fork also features fully adjustable rebound and compression damping and bottoming control adjustment not found on any other fork of any size!
  • Class-leading Twin Spar High-Strength Low-Alloy Oval Tube Frame – Super-strong, outstanding lateral strength with just the right amount of torsional rigidity.
  • Billet Triple Clamps with Adjustable Bar Mounts – Works level hardware on a junior scale bike!
Dry Weight 91 lbs / 41 kg
Engine Cobra FWE Venom 50cc 2-stroke
Bore x Stroke 39mm x 41.7mm
Induction Case Reed / V-Force® Reed Valve / 19mm Carb Mikuni VM Carburetor
Cooling Water cooled Top-end and Case
Clutch Cobra 5Gx Freewheeling 3-shoe
Transmission Single speed auto
Exhaust Ceramic coated tuned pipe and silencer
Lubrication Mixture lubrication - Bel-Ray H1-R
Fuel Capacity 1.1 Gallons/4.2L
Frame Twin Spar Oval HSLA
Wheelbase 990mm
Seat Height 680mm
Ground Clearance 245mm
Front Brakes Hydraulic Disk (160mm)
Rear Brakes Hydraulic Disk (140mm)
Front Suspension CARD Smart-Leg 32mm USD Fully Adjustable 210mm Travel
Rear Suspension CARD Fully Adjustable (High & Low Speed) / 248mm travel
Wheel Front/Rear Cobra 12" Billet / Cobra 10" Billet
Tyres Front/Rear Dunlop 2.5x12 / 2.75x10 MX52F


“Why Buy” a 2017 Cobra CX50 FEW

  • Broad Torque Curve

    • Excellent low-end torque and over-rev!

      • No compromise power delivery

  • 5Gx 3-Shoe Clutch (5th Generation)

    • No plates to warp, Precision, consistent operation

      • Hits as hard at the end of a moto as it does on Lap 1. Freewheels for faster cornering and easier starting.

  • USD 32mm Front Fork

    • Improved fork action. ‘Right Sized’ for a small chassis.  Fully adjustable cartridge design.

      • Inspires confidence over rough terrain

  • Piggyback Canister Rear Shock

    • High/Low Speed Compression and Rebound Adjustment

      • Tunable for the rider. No-Fade performance throughout the race

  • REAL air filter

    • Air filter is mounted in airbox, not on top of air box. More surface area, More protection from dirt

      • Dirt or water that enters airbox cannot make its way into the engine. More power (especially in long motos and dusty off-road events)

  • Largest Air box in Class

    • Improved breathing. Large pre-carburetor volume greatly improves throttle response

      • Power when you need it!

  • One-Piece Aluminum Wheels

    • Stronger, Lighter Wheels

      • Easy to maintain!
  • Billet, Wide Footprint Triple Clamp

    • Spreads the clamp load out over a larger area of the fork upper tube

      • Improved fork action

  • Billet Chain Adjuster Blocks

    • Strongest in class

      • Never DNF from a slipping rear axle again!

  • Twin-Spar Frame

    • Best overall combination of torsional flexibility and lateral stiffness

      • Excellent straight-line stability and cornering feel – inspires confidence – reduces lap times

  • Cobra Friction Drive

    • Allows some slip between the crank and rear wheel

      • Longer driveline life (crank, transmission, clutch, chain) and improved drive through rough choppy terrain

  • Progressive Rate Rear Suspension

    • Linear rising rate without a link! Reduced weight, and friction

      • Supple over small bumps for good traction…Absorbs big hits for aggressive riding.

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