About Us

Our Vision is to bring the fastest mini motocross bikes to the South Pacific and to cultivate the next generation of Motocross and Supercross World Champions.

COBRA produces premium RACE READY mini motocross bikes for riders that are serious about racing. With more than 300 national titles since the bike was created in 1993 Cobra offers the most competitive bikes in the world.
Tool shop owner Bud Maimone raced with his son Brent in the fledgling 50cc class in the early 1990s. In those days there was no out-of-the-crate solution for purchasing a race bike. The class was made up of highly modified recreational models, and Bud got tired of seeing bikes breaking and kids being heartbroken after all the money and effort that went into race preparation. After trying to convince several manufacturers to produce a race-ready bike, Bud finally took the plunge himself when all of his avenues were exhausted. What resulted was a dynamite little bike that won its first Loretta Lynn’s AMA championship in its debut outing in 1994. The march of little yellow bikes had begun! 
‘All we think about day and night is how to make a better minicycle’
-Founder Bud Maimone


 From Cobra’s state of the art facility in Hillsdale Michigan USA the fututre is looking very exciting. Cobra designs and manufactures the vast majority of its own components including frames, engines, and suspension. This allows for constant innovation. Cobra’s latest move is to establish CARD Performance, an entity dedicated to designing and developing minicycle suspension. Through this undertaking Cobra have the freedom to re-think suspension design as it applies to minicycles, and the results have been nothing short of amazing! For example, the CARD 37mm front fork with one conventionally damped leg, and one MXT ‘Smart leg’ that is dedicated to bottoming control, the entire function of the front fork has been re-invented. Now small bikes navigating tracks ripped up by big bikes can conquer terrain like never before. This translates into improved rider confidence and faster lap times. 

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